Quality Fish Products from Iceland, and Norway

Ice Group is a leading seafood company in its field with a history reaching back to 1997.

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Address: Idavellir 7a, 230 Reykjanesbaer


Phone: +354 421-7041




Containerised shipments

Our dried fish is renowned for its quality and flavor. We specialise in fulfilling bulk orders for large and demanding customers. Most shipments in 40´ dry containers containing aprox 700 bags of products each or 21 tons of net weight.

Ice Group


Quality Fish Products

Ice-Group is a seafood company, specialising in dried fish products from Iceland and Norway.

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Our Factories

Ice-Group is the owner of two drying factories, specialising in production of factory dried fish products (Apama) mostly sold to Nigeria. The raw material is coming from fish processing factories, mainly heads, collarbones, backbones and different cuts from the filleting lines. We also provide dried fish cutlets, whole stockfish and outdoor dried Cod heads.

Embla Båtsfjord is in Båtsfjord Norway and is using raw material from the East part of Finnmark. Embla was founded in 2012. Brand name EMB.

Askur as is located just outside Hammerfest in Norway and is using raw material from the West part of Finnmark. Askur was founded in 2008. Brand name ASK.